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1,000 000 000 000 is the revenue value of the commercial functions the women we career partner with lead, however, they continue to have their leadership capability challenged.

We connect with:

One Executive female candidate every hour

One Executive female is referred to us everyday

One Executive female is placed every week

Working with more than 1000 organisations, we have seen how out of touch boardrooms are, with a recent survey highlighting that 9 in 10 executives want to see one or more of their directors replaced due to lack of executive knowledge and skills gap.

We are helping them do this by building the largest pool of women with executive capability and colour.

 A boardroom pathway for women with executive capability and colour

Our career transitioning programme offers executive coaching, board dynamics and governance training, alongside shadow board exposure. Everything, CEO’s want to see in potential candidates, as we facilitate their pathways.

Our study of the “Future of Work” across the last 5 years has shown that organisations need to be bridging the executive knowledge and skills gap, creating new c suite roles through succession planning and directorship rotation. This will enable a new leader to emerge, one that brings a different viewpoint, a new sense of direction and a skill set focussed on impact, sustainability and transformation. 

Knowing that you are part of a cohort of likeminded women, those who have faced many barriers, but now have a clear pathway is unique. The resources, learning and executive coaching is unbelievable – a magical growth experience for me.

Annika, VP Product

Working with Scoutess has been an eye opening experience. We knew our board was out of touch, but with no one retiring soon we were stuck. Karen and her team enabled us to define a new C suite role, by reorganising our structure and offering a much needed director rotational process. Fast forward 5 months and our Chief Impact Officer is embedded in the organisation and our learning as a team, has increased 10 fold.

Katie, Chief Finance Officer

100 women mentored, 150 sponsored and 550 advanced through our pathways, as we continue to be the pioneer of career transitioning for women with executive capability and colour.


of executive rate their overall performance as good


feel the tenure of their board affects their overall effectiveness.


believe they are out of touch with reality

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The roles we fill:

Head of Technology

Strategy Lead

Chief Sustainability Officer

Global Head of Reward

Managing Director

Trading Director

Head of Product

Chief of Staff

Organisational Design Lead

Head of PR

Marketing Director

Sales Director

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