Using our lived experiences and expertise to transform leadership effectiveness through inclusive hiring

As a talent advisory firm, we act as equity partners, creating and delivering talent strategies that power up our client’s leadership capability, across the retail, consumer, and hospitality sectors.


Executive Search
and Interim


Through our data driven approach, we have placed more than 3500 women – advancing 2500 women into impactful leadership roles across Finance, HR, Sustainability and Operations, at Director and ‘C suite’ level. 

The retained search that Scoutess carried out was the best we have ever experienced. The talent that was presented to us was beyond expectations, and in fact we’ve identified 2 additional candidates, one for another transformational role in the UK and the other in our USA office. The reach they have is unique, with no other search agency matching it at the intersectionality level. 

Katie, CEO, Global Fashion Retailer

Talent Leadership


Using science, we redefine our clients leadership capabilities. Data enables us to capture and benchmark the effectiveness of the organisational leadership function, science ensures we identify talent leadership gaps and address these.

I can’t remember when – if ever – I’ve felt the kind of authentic, almost instant sisterhood that I experienced when we partnered with Scoutess. I don’t know how they manage to engineer that sense of shared vision and psychological safety when they hosted a Connection Event for us. I have never felt connections like it and know that the moments we had together were beyond thoughtful.

We have successfully hired 5 senior leaders from this intimate networking event, and we are excited to hold our next event in our USA office.

Programming for
Executive Capability


Our experience of career partnering with thousands of women, has enabled us to create learning frameworks that support their development as effective leaders.

Using our platform, we offer resources, a powerful network of peer-to-peer advisors, alongside sponsorship opportunities to help leaders advance and accelerate their senior level career. 

Knowing that you are part of a cohort of likeminded women, those who have faced many barriers, but now have a clear pathway is unique. The resources, learning and executive coaching is unbelievable – a magical growth experience for me.

Angelise, Head of Partnership Investment,

Working at the grass roots level has enabled us to inspire more than 500 junior leaders working with global hospitality firms, as part of their diversity and inclusion leadership training programme.

We have placed more than 2500 diverse candidates into roles at Functional Leader, Director, and Executive level, across Finance, Legal, Technology, Commercial and HR.


of the candidates we have placed have outperformed their male counterparts.


have been advanced within first 12 months.


are still with their organisation 2 years later

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The roles we fill:

Head of Technology

Strategy Lead

Chief Sustainability Officer

Global Head of Reward

Managing Director

Trading Director

Head of Product

Chief of Staff

Organisational Design Lead

Head of PR

Marketing Director

Sales Director

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